The use of a tilt truck for collecting, transporting, and dumping materials (e.g., refuse) is well known in the prior art, and has become an industry standard for commercial refuse removal. Janitors tasked with collecting, transporting, and disposing of refuse collected from an office building often find the size and utility of a tilt truck preferable to that of a conventional garbage can. Unfortunately, many office buildings do not have janitorial closets of sufficient size to house a conventional tilt truck. As a result, wheeled garbage cans are often used in their stead. Due to storage capacity and other factors (e.g., not being able to easily dumps its contents), using a wheeled garbage can to collect and dispose of refuse is inefficient when compared to a tilt truck. This inefficiency makes the collection and disposal of refuse more labor intensive, the cost of which is ultimately passed on to the client.

Conventional tilt trucks generally include a tub (or collection bin) used to collect materials (e.g., refuse) that need to be transported to a dumpster and disposed of. But the included tub is simply a storage space that does not facilitate the separation of different materials (e.g., the separation of bagged trash from loose trash or recyclables). Also, due to the size and weight of conventional tilt trucks, shipping can be a significant expense. In some instances, the cost of shipping a tilt truck is nearly equal to the sale price of the unit being transported.

Accordingly, it can be seen that needs exist for the collapsible tilt truck disclosed herein. It is to the provision of a collapsible tilt truck configured to address these needs, and others, that the present invention is primarily directed.


Auto Mopping System

The auto mopping system will bridge the gap between the standard mop/ bucket and the auto scrubber.  It will cover a 20” wide path by utilizing a patent pending microfiber belt, with is continually cleaned and the water is filtered/ recycled.


  1. Labor savings compared to hand mopping (75% reduction)
  2. Clean same square footage as a 20” walk behind auto scrubber (good productivity rate)
  3. Low Maintenance
    1. No expensive batteries/ electronics to maintain
  4. Takes up less space in janitorial closet
  5. Filters water to save money, as well as saving time changing dirty water
  6. Does not involve applying solution directly to floor, to help prevent slips and falls for utilization in day cleaning (grocery stores, etc.)
  7. Ease of transportation 
    1. No ramps or large van needed
    2. Can be picked up and placed in vehicle
  8. Much less expensive than an auto scrubber,  so the average commercial cleaning company can afford the auto mopping system
  9. Ergonomic – Less physical stress on body compared to hand mopping