Making Cents of a Dirty Business

Now that Making Cents of a Dirty Business, How to Survive & Succeed in Commercial Cleaning is available for purchase, we’d like to take a moment to highlight some of the book’s key facts and discoveries.

In 2017, we conducted a nationwide survey of commercial cleaning businesses to uncover the top challenges faced in the industry today. We uncovered the dirty truth about what holds janitorial business owners back by asking them some very personal and detailed questions about their leadership, management style, and daily processes.

What We Discovered


Without a doubt, the number one most concerning issue for janitorial business owners was employee retention. What Troy explains in Making Cents of a Dirty Business is that “turnover is not the problem; it’s merely and an indicator of the problem.” and goes on to give insight and direction to janitorial business owners who are looking to improve on this major industry pitfall.

We were also able to uncover meaningful data that became useful for us in doing research to better understand the average janitorial business owner. The infographic shown here depicts some of the data we collected from the individuals surveyed. We asked questions like “What position did you hire first” and “How many days/cleans does your trainer spend with the new employees?”. The data is available in Making Cents of a Dirty Business, How to Survive & Succeed in Commercial Cleaning. We hope that this book motivates and inspires professionals in the commercial cleaning industry for years to come.

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