Where to Start When You Have a Lot To-Do

We have so much going on in our lives on a daily basis that it is easy to let some tasks slip through the cracks. One way to combat this mayhem is by utilizing to-do lists. To-do lists are simple, visual aids to help streamline your day-to-day activity. Personally, I find to-do lists incredibly helpful for productivity, and I make one almost every day. I feel I am most productive when I have a guide to get me through all my tasks. I want to share my success in using to-do lists in the hope it will help you too!

Organize Your Priorities

Life moves fast, and it often throws a lot on our plates at once. A to-do list breaks everything down into manageable steps. You can see everything that needs to be taken care of and prioritize what needs to be done based on your schedule. However, don’t try to accomplish all the simple tasks first to avoid more serious responsibilities. It is important to focus first on the items that propel your business forward and affect your bottom line!

Hold Yourself Accountable

By writing down your responsibilities, you are holding yourself accountable to complete them. Once they are on paper staring back at you, you must devise your plan of action. Plus, it is such a rewarding feeling to cross out completed items from the list. Start each day creating a list and you’ll have completed the first big task of the day!

Uncover Unnecessary Tasks

Sometimes when you are writing down your to-dos, you will come across tasks that do not need to be on your list. These can either be tasks that are more suited to other members of your staff, or tasks that simply do not benefit you. If there are responsibilities that you can delegate to others with greater strengths for them, then by all means, transfer them to the correct party. However, always evaluate whether or not you are delegating for the right reasons. You don’t want to pawn off your responsibilities just because you don’t want to handle them. This could ultimately affect the quality of work that goes into your handed off tasks.

Occasionally there will be tasks that you just don’t need anymore. For instance, if you have a weekly conference call that is taking up time and not producing results, cut it out! If it is not beneficial, why are you doing it?

Much Needed Stress Relief

Feeling overloaded can have adverse health effects both physically and mentally. Having a to-do list allows you to feel more relaxed because you can see the work getting done and you know that you are using your time and energy efficiently. It makes you feel accomplished, and you can take a well-deserved break. If you are not good at taking a moment for yourself, then schedule it in on your list!

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Author: Sarah Inman, Regional Director of Public Relations at Troy Hopkins

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